International Legal News

Fieldfisher latest to join NI's growing legal market

Northern Ireland continues expansion as firm becomes latest to add jobs, and establishes strategic partnership.

New SA bill about tackling child pornography, not censorship

A SA government minister defends new Films and Publications Bill as a way of removing online child pornography, not a form of censorship.

Lawyer sparks new 'gay wedding cake' baker lawsuit

A lawyer asks baker for 'gender transition cake' as free speech, religion and anti-discrimination go head-to-head once more.

UK Judicial ombudsman asked to investigate 'barrister bias'

Barrister bias one of six cases brought to the UK judicial appointments commission that the judicial appointments & conduct ombudsman.

RBS bottom of the league as US gives a $4.9bn red card for misconduct

US justice department metes out largest penalty yet for financial crisis-era misconduct, as customers rate bank worst bankers.

Convicted women to be caned in Malaysia for 'attempting lesbian sex'

Sharia law applied as two Malaysian women convicted of attempting to have lesbian sex in a car to be fined and caned.

In-House Lawyers share their wants, needs and pain

Survey reports back initial findings from 'legal operations health check' covering in-house counsel on five continents.

Around the house

Prominent in this weeks appointees are companies hitting the headlines who are also needing to appoint new general counsel.

Nike under increased scrutiny as discrimination class action suit launched

Brand image and reality clash as class action suit launched by two former women employees claim discrimination and harassment.

'Happily retired' general counsel walks away with $1.8m plus stock

The general counsel of Wynn Resorts Kim Sinatra kept quiet on ceo's sexual harassment settlement, until ex-wife blew the whistle.

South Africa's highest court rules top prosecutor's appointment invalid

Constitutional court points to abuse of power by former SA president in refusing appeal over top appointment.

Tinder founders have a date in court claiming $2 billion damages

Founders, executives and early employees of Tinder sue parent company for denying them stock options and throw in sexual allegations as well.

Prominent Chicago attorney killed in 'domestic-related' incident

Described as one of America's most accomplished appellate lawyers, Mayer Brown's Stephen Shapiro shot, killed. UPDATE: Murder charges filed against his brother-in-law, John Gately III.

Legal action and regulatory questions follow controversial Musk tweets

SEC asks for explanation from Elon Musk, while investors suing him for damaging interests of short-sellers.

Royal intrigue as aristocrat sues France on Monaco succession

And yes, it does involve legal intrigue, a cabaret singer and accusations of a power-grab in one of the world's luxury capitals.

Chinese authorities tax crack-down on celebrities

China's highest-paid celebrities targeted by Chinese authorities in coordinated crackdown on 'yin-yang' contracts and tax havens.

Law Society of Scotland selects lawtech strategic partner

Lawtech company LEAP tailors Scottish needs as solicitor's body supports innovative practices.

Ontario premier announces C$7.6 million to fund 'legal SWAT teams'

Increasing gun violence leads to political action to create 'legal SWAT teams' led by a crown attorney, but lawyers casts doubts.

Landmark cancer ruling as Monsanto hit with $289m in damages

Monsanto iconic Roundup product ruled to cause cancer in fast-tracked case, but Monsanto to appeal as science still undecided.

Oz gets tough on bankers, set to embed 'corporate cops'

Australia's big four banks and biggest financial services firm are to find a regulator working on the inside in new enforcement measure.

German government mulls draft law on foreign takeovers

Worried about China and national security, Germany may see a new law on foreign takeovers before the year is out.

US judge sends 'hopelessly ambiguous' contract to London arbitration

An international shipping contract cries out for clarity as US judge tosses dispute over to London court.

ECJ delivers landmark copyright ruling

Watch out next time your kids illustrate their school projects! ECJ rules that freely available content not necessarily free.

India amends anti-corruption legislation to cover bribe-givers

India introduces changes to its anti-corruption legislation to hold political bribe-givers accountable.

German pharma company takes on death row

Nebraska's first-ever lethal injection could be delayed or stopped for good by a suit claiming state illegally acquired drugs.

AAA new alternative fee arrangements helps control arbitration costs

Arbitrators offer two new routes to resolve disputes at lower costs, cites high levels of satisfaction among general counsel.

Around the house

Hearst appoints a dynamic duo to co-lead legal function with new team promotions, while Arizona's Benchmark Electronics leave it to Beaver.

Oz opens up in-house pay packets

Sydney comes out top as new report sheds light on Australian corporate lawyers' salaries, while general counsel learn there's no single standard.

US derivatives regulator shells out $45 million to whistleblowers

Top US financial regulator has award whistleblowers over $45 million for helping the watchdog identify improper activity.

UK sets up independent review of modern slavery legislation

UK's Modern Slavery Act 2015 is to be reviewed to ensure legislation keeps in step with this evolving crime, lawyer highlights farming sector.

Another big four accounting firm expands in the legal space

EY expands global legal managed services offering with acquisition of Riverview Law.

Keeping law out of the bedroom highlighted by lawyer's bigamy charge

Well-known Canadian lawyer is arrested and reported to law society, but a professor says allegations touch on larger ethical debates.

Italian lawyers helping San Marino on the road to Blockchain haven

San Marino appoints lawyers as republic joins other smaller jurisdictions looking to position themselves as a global blockchain haven.

More experienced the woman lawyer, greater the dissatisfaction

Many experienced women lawyers are saying 'forget it' according to forthcoming ABA survey.

Australian lawyers hitting bonus highs up to 20 percent

Bonuses for Australian lawyers in larger firms go as high as 20 per cent of the base remuneration package for senior associates, report says.

Philippines regulator asks for feedback after issuing draft ICO rules

Regulator offers a range of rules for public comment by various stakeholders, government ambition for an Asian 'silicon valley.'

Baker McKenzie boosts industry with record $2.9 billion revenues

The future of the law business looks bright, as Baker McKenzie announces record revenues and a major programme for clients.

Two law firms called into CBS internal harassment investigation

Covington and Debevoise brought in by CBS to lead investigation into allegations against ceo for sexual harassment.

Big four accountancy firms shaking up Singapore's legal space

Deloitte launches foreign practice, considers local practice, follows PwC, while EY takes another step to make it in the city-state.

Apple fights with Canada's WiLan, but finally settles with Samsung

Apple ordered to pay $145M in damages for patent infringement, but agrees to settle long-running battle with Samsung.

Kenya receives thousands of legal books from UK government

Legal volumes shipped to Kenya, as UK government legal department takes up online subscriptions.

Law and tech firms join forces to create contracts blockchain platform

A first cohort signs up for new blockchain-based platform for smart contracts due to launch in October.

Speculation mounts over reports US/UK merger in 'due diligence' phase

Top management at O'Melveny & Myers and Allen & Overy in London talks as reports surface of 'due diligence' phase.

Misconduct major review launched by SRA

The regulatory body for solicitors in England and Wales invites input on when firms should report potential wrongdoing.

A tale of two lawyers: why be a general counsel?

As general counsel seek to raise status internally, why not go to the top instead? Two lawyers have taken the high road.

Rise in popularity of Virtual shareholder meetings triples

The number of virtual shareholder meetings rises as the Society for Corporate Governance issues best practice guidance.

You should coco: fakes are 'unavoidable' in China's online retail market

Companies fighting against China to protect intellectual property will not be cheered by comments from Chinese entrepreneur.

Around the house

Two high-powered women general counsel take a step up, while some retirees choose new pursuits.

Serbia bar association in strike action over killing of Milosevic lawyer

The Serbian Bar Association and the Bar Association of Belgrade begin week-long strike after the killing of prominent criminal defence lawyer.

California bar urged to allow non-lawyer ownership of law firms

The State Bar of California to set up task force to study allowing non-lawyers to invest in and own law firms, proposals expected in 2019.

Payment in court! Judge orders cyberscammer to pay fine in crypto

Canadian case puts cyberscammer on the spot, ordering a Montreal businessman to pay a fine in cryptocurrency or go straight to jail.

A whole lot of love as UK's Conservative Party (allegedly) makes a pass

Give-away 'knock-off' merchandise based on popular Love Island TV show leads expert to raise questions of infringement and passing off.

World's 'first' Blockchain court planned for Dubai

Dubai consortium launches plans for the world's first 'Court of the Blockchain.'

Russia passes tax haven laws to bypass sanctions

International firms can use new laws to establish an offshore domicile and thereby bypass sanctions.

Oz IP costs concerns leads to Hague opt-out recommendation

IP Australia is concerned consumer costs outweigh benefits after public consultation, saying balance difficult to achieve.

German regulators expected to use 2017 M&A veto law for first time

The German government is worried about China's acquisition of its robotics and tech expertise and plans to use a 2017 law for first time to veto a bid.

Last of the sour grapes for Dentons associate turned extortionist

A convicted ex-Dentons associate who brought two bottles of wine to partner meeting for extortion purposes now faces disciplinary charges.

Law Society claims lack of legal advice clogging the legal system

The president of the Law Society of England and Wales has called for restoration of state funding as part of government LAPSO review.

Tech provider aims to start a revolution over handling of client money

A new global fintech offering is aiming to transform the legal sector's handling of client money.

Oz bar says don't criminalise 'honest belief' in sexual consent

The NSW bar association warns against criminalising 'honest consent' and makes allowances for stupidity and negiligence.

Facebook's top lawyer used social page to announce planned departure

When Facebook is to lose its top lawyer, it seems natural to post the announcement on his social page, even if he only has 601 followers.

Plaintiff wins USD 273 million Ghana force majeure case

The High Court tells defendant to bear the consequences of market risk as lawyers question interpretation of 'reasonable endeavours.'

CJEU takes the biscuit!

Following a CJEU order, the EU intellectual property office (EUIPO) needs to revisit a 16-year-old decision on the shape of KitKat bars.

Around the house

Those taking flight this week include a ggeneral counsel working on putting a human on Mars and another more down to earth working on Heathrow's expansion.

UK corporates paying dearly in desperate bid to retain EU employees

Following Brexit, UK companies are being forced to pay extra to keep employees from deserting, according to an immigration law firm's research.

Lionsgate general counsel left after allegations of S&M and other abuses

Allegations of S&M, sadism and masochism, relationship and abuse at work led to the resignation of a lawyer, a non-disclosure agreement and violation of terms claims.

Jones Day warns court of impending 'protracted' fee fights

Following a federal appeals court decision erasing a fee award, Jones Day lawyers warn of 'protracted' fee fights if ruling is upheld.

Law school calls for business fluency as it launches new institute

New York Law School is to open its new Business of Law Institute in the fall as research reveals need for greater business understanding.

Sound of one hand clapping as G20 fails to deliver on crypto

Regulators failed to produce guidance at a G20 meeting which ended up becoming a meeting about a meeting.

Global corporate cartel report shows record levels of fines

Fines, enforcement actions and cartel cases have surged in the first six months of the year, as agencies study policy options.

Media giant settles subscription data class action suit for $50 million

New York media giant Hearst Communications has agreed to pay $50 million to settle a subscription data lawsuit.

ICJ finds UAE violated racial discrimination convention

Actions taken by UAE against Qatar in 2017 were discriminatory, according to the ICJ which ordered it to comply with CERD convention.

Consumers choose cheaper, faster 'lawbots' over expensive, slow lawyers

Divorce by lawbot? New survey says 70 per cent of consumers would be happy to consult a 'lawbot', while law firms worry about digital impacts.

UK legal profession sets date for a national legal debate

A new initiative to promote and educate the UK public on legal issues announced as 'Justice Week' invites proposals for events and campaigns.

Trade Secret Litigation Report reveals 30 per cent rise

Trade secrets case filings jumped by more than 30 per cent in 2017 after passage of the Defend Trade Secrets Act.

Seventeen EU countries scolded by Commission over cybersecurity

The European Commission has sent warnings to 17 EU countries for failing to implement cybersecurity law, after missing a May 9 deadline.

ILO highlights 'daily reality' of gender violence in Walmart supply chain

A 'groundbreaking factory level research report' by the ILO details gender-based violence in Walmart's Asian garment supply chain.

Patent application to use blockchain in a digital justice case journey

Digital evidence management provider Caselines files a patent using blockchain to managae the case journey.

Cancer sufferers cheer $4.69 billion verdict in baby talcum powder case

Johnson & Johnson's ordered to pay $4.69 billion in damages to 22 womenas US jury accepts famous baby talc caused cancer.

Confronting hate, understanding China and recalling the US Constitution

In this month's Bookshelf, The Global Legal Post's Editor-At-Large, Dr David Cowan, picks three topical books on hate, China and the US.

Google to appeal record $5.1 billion antitrust fine, but may face US probe

Tech giant's CEO says EU ignored the competitive landscape and facts, but EU also has ear of the US regulator.

Shareholders in US litigating fewer M&A deals

Fewer M&A deals are being litigated by shareholders, while merger objection cases have shifted from state to federal courts.

Shipping industry puts environmental preparedness before blockchain

Technology to address environmental issues and emissions ranks above blockchain as driver of change in shipping, law firm survey says.

Around the house

This week's round-up finds NFL team Carolina Panthers and the ITV network looking for new general counsel, while others source internally.

Female GCs shortfall in compensation 'significant' at leadership levels

Inaugural ACC Global Compensation Report reveals women fall short at highest levels, while outside experience leads to higher total pay

UAE tops list of compliance complexity while Ireland is simplest

UAE is joined by Qatar, China, Argentina and Malaysia in the top five most challenging countries for companies to manage compliance.

Report warns companies using legal disclaimers as a 'licence to lie'

Two academics have authored a report warning of intentional misleading by use of disclaimers, and call for less boilerplate legal language.

Law firms increase hours dedicated to Pro Bono

Pro bono hours have increased, especially in large law firms, according to new report.

UK legal executives to get ABS licences

Alternative business structure licences to be granted to legal executives, opening up regulatory competition, more diverse opportunities.

Maritime lawyer's agility leads to 14 per cent jobs cut

In a swift move initiated last month, Ince & Co has cut 32 staff and is to sublet office space as it implements 'agile working.'

Lawyers behaving badly

Three instances of 'gross Incompetence,' sexual misconduct and assault tarnish reputation of the legal profession from courts to the law school.

French Law dispute forces closure of Business France office in Russia

As the World Cup comes home from Russia, France closes office in Moscow following 'illegal arrest' of funds and blocking of French law.

Saudi Arabia to launch new bankruptcy law next month

The new system is part of a drive to modernise the Saudi legal system, aimed at enhancing the confidence of domestic and foreign investors.

Activist investor asks South Korean government to stump up $770m

Following failed Samsung proxy fight leading to huge corruption probe, activist investor Elliott wants $770m in damages.

AT&T to acquire AlienVault in cybersecurity deal

AT&T announces acquisition of AlienVault, a developer of commercial and open source solutions to manage cyberattacks.

Law Society seeks solution to use of algorithms in UK justice system

The Law Society has set up the first of three evidence sessions to explore the use of algorithms in UK.

Seal of approval as AI legal solutions enhanced by Apogee acquisition

Seal Software bolsters its content analytics AI solutions by acquiring Apogee Legal

Yale Law's millennials and gen-X lead attack on one of their own

Ill-tempered letter attacks law school's SCOTUS 'endorsement,' a litany of views suggest 'people will die' if Judge Kavanaugh is confirmed.

Goldman Sachs, Prysmian and others to take cartel appeal to ECJ

Losing appeal against cartel to go to ECJ, cases highlights need to minimise unnecessary competition law risks says expert.

The CAP doesn't fit as UK launches interim report on farming regulation

Farming set for biggest legal shake-up in decades as common agricultural policy (CAP) requirements to end.