What does a Domestic Partnerships attorney do?

The concept of domestic partnerships refers to relationships between two individuals who have chosen to live together in a committed and long-term manner without getting married. While there is no specific legislation governing domestic partnerships, a Domestic Partnerships attorney can still provide valuable assistance and guidance in various aspects of domestic partnerships. Here's what they can do for you.:

  Legal Advice: A Domestic Partnerships attorney can provide you with legal advice on the rights and obligations associated with domestic partnerships in South Africa. They can explain the legal implications of choosing to enter into a domestic partnership and help you understand the legal rights and responsibilities that may arise from the relationship.

  Cohabitation Agreements: A Domestic Partnerships attorney can assist in drafting and negotiating cohabitation agreements. These agreements outline the rights and obligations of each partner during the course of the domestic partnership. They can address issues such as property ownership, financial contributions, joint expenses, and the division of assets in the event of a separation or termination of the domestic partnership.

  Property and Asset Protection: They can provide guidance on property and asset protection for partners in a domestic partnership. They can assist in drafting agreements to protect individual assets, clarify ownership rights, and establish mechanisms for the distribution or division of property in the event of a separation or dissolution of the domestic partnership.

  Parental Rights and Responsibilities: If the domestic partnership involves children, a Domestic Partnerships attorney can advise on parental rights and responsibilities. They can assist in establishing legal recognition of both partners as parents, facilitating the adoption or guardianship process, and addressing issues such as custody, visitation, and financial support for the children.

  Dispute Resolution: In the event of a dispute or disagreement between domestic partners, a Domestic Partnerships attorney can provide guidance on dispute resolution mechanisms. They can assist in negotiating and mediating conflicts, helping the partners find mutually acceptable resolutions and avoid unnecessary litigation.

  Separation or Termination of Domestic Partnership: If the domestic partnership comes to an end, a Domestic Partnerships attorney can guide you through the process of separation or termination. They can assist in addressing issues such as property division, financial support, and child custody arrangements, ensuring that the rights and interests of both partners are protected during this process.

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