What does a Sworn Translators do?

Sworn translators, also known as sworn interpreters or sworn language practitioners, are professionals who are authorized by the South African Department of Justice and Constitutional Development to provide certified translations of legal documents. They play a crucial role in facilitating accurate and official translations of documents from one language to another. Here's how a sworn translator can help you:

  Certified Translations: Sworn translators can provide certified translations of legal documents, such as contracts, court documents, birth certificates, marriage certificates, academic transcripts, or any other document that requires an official translation. The certified translation includes a statement attesting to the accuracy and completeness of the translation, along with the translator's signature, stamp, and certification number.

  Official Recognition: Sworn translations have official recognition and are accepted by government authorities, courts, educational institutions, and other official bodies in South Africa. They are considered valid and reliable for various purposes, including legal proceedings, visa applications, academic enrollment, immigration processes, and more.

  Accuracy and Authenticity: Sworn translators are trained professionals with expertise in both the source and target languages. They ensure the accuracy, consistency, and linguistic integrity of the translated documents, adhering to the legal terminology and requirements. Their translations are reliable and reflect the original meaning and intent of the source document.

  Compliance with Legal Requirements: Sworn translators have a comprehensive understanding of the legal requirements for translations in South Africa. They follow the guidelines and standards set by the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development, ensuring that the translations meet the necessary criteria for certification and authentication.

  Language Expertise: Sworn translators are proficient in multiple languages, allowing them to provide translation services for a wide range of language pairs. Whether you need translations between English and an indigenous South African language, or translations involving foreign languages, sworn translators can assist you.

  Confidentiality: Sworn translators adhere to strict codes of professional ethics and maintain confidentiality in handling sensitive documents. They ensure that your personal information and the content of your documents remain confidential and secure.

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