What does a Sexual Harassment attorney do?

A Sexual Harassment attorney practices in legal matters related to sexual harassment in the workplace or other contexts. They can provide valuable assistance and guidance to individuals who have experienced sexual harassment. Here's how a Sexual Harassment attorney can help you:

  Legal Advice: They can provide legal advice regarding sexual harassment laws in South Africa. They can help you understand your rights, legal remedies, and the steps you can take to address sexual harassment.

  Understanding Sexual Harassment: They can explain what constitutes sexual harassment under South African law. They can help you identify and recognize the various forms of sexual harassment, including verbal, physical, visual, or written forms of harassment.

  Reporting and Complaint Process: They can guide you through the process of reporting a sexual harassment incident and filing a formal complaint. They can provide advice on the appropriate channels for reporting, such as internal grievance procedures or external authorities, and ensure that your rights are protected throughout the process.

  Investigating and Gathering Evidence: They can assist in investigating the sexual harassment complaint. They can help gather evidence, such as witness statements, documents, or electronic evidence, to support your case and strengthen your claim.

  Legal Representation: They can provide legal representation and advocate on your behalf during any hearings or proceedings related to the sexual harassment complaint. They can help prepare your case, cross-examine witnesses, present evidence, and make legal arguments in support of your claim.

  Negotiation and Settlement: They can engage in negotiation with the accused party or their legal representatives to seek a resolution or settlement that addresses your needs and concerns. They can help negotiate fair compensation, changes in workplace policies, or other remedies that aim to address the harm caused by sexual harassment.

  Protection from Retaliation: They can advise you on your rights and protections against retaliation for reporting sexual harassment. They can help ensure that you are not subjected to adverse actions or treatment as a result of filing a complaint.

  Legal Remedies: They can explain the legal remedies available to you under South African law. This may include compensation for damages, disciplinary action against the harasser, or injunctive relief to prevent further harassment.

  Education and Prevention: They can assist employers or organizations in implementing effective policies and training programs to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. They can provide guidance on compliance with legal requirements and best practices for creating a safe and respectful working environment.

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