What does a Pensions and Retirement Funds attorney do?

A Pensions and Retirement Funds attorney practices in legal matters related to pension funds, retirement funds, and other forms of retirement savings and benefits. They can provide valuable assistance and guidance to both employers and employees in navigating the complex landscape of pension and retirement fund regulations. Here's what they can do for you.:

  Retirement Fund Establishment: They can assist employers in establishing and structuring retirement funds for their employees. They can help navigate the legal requirements for setting up pension or provident funds, advise on the appropriate fund structure, and ensure compliance with relevant legislation.

  Fund Governance and Compliance: They can provide guidance on the governance and compliance requirements of retirement funds. They can advise trustees and fund administrators on their duties and obligations, help develop appropriate policies and procedures, and ensure compliance with legislation such as the Pension Funds Act and the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) regulations.

  Benefit Design and Structuring: They can assist employers in designing and structuring retirement fund benefits for their employees. They can help determine contribution levels, vesting schedules, retirement age requirements, and other aspects of the benefit structure to meet legal requirements and the needs of the employer and employees.

  Regulatory Compliance: They can help ensure compliance with relevant legislation and regulations. They can advise on the Pension Funds Act, FSCA guidelines, and other applicable laws, and help navigate the regulatory landscape to ensure that retirement funds operate within the prescribed legal framework.

  Fund Amendment and Restructuring: They can assist in amending or restructuring existing retirement funds. They can help with changes in benefit structures, fund rules, and governance structures, ensuring compliance with legal requirements and obtaining any necessary regulatory approvals.

  Member Communications and Disclosures: They can assist retirement funds in developing member communications and disclosures. They can help ensure that members receive accurate and transparent information about their retirement benefits, their rights, and the operation of the fund.

  Fund Disputes and Litigation: They can provide representation in disputes and litigation related to retirement funds. They can assist with claims for benefits, disputes between fund members and trustees, or any legal matters that may arise in the administration or operation of the fund.

  Retirement Fund Wind-ups: They can guide employers and trustees through the process of retiring or winding up a retirement fund. They can assist with the legal and regulatory requirements for terminating the fund, distributing assets, and managing the interests of fund members during the wind-up process.

  Employee Retirement Advice: They can provide advice and guidance to employees on their retirement benefits. They can help employees understand their rights, navigate fund rules and processes, and make informed decisions regarding their retirement planning.

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